The game has been in development for years. The outcome is superb. Welcome to Hay Day – a family game for the young and old. This free mobile game is published by the well-known Supercell. The company has released many other adventure games on Android and iOS. Hay Day is mostly about farming. Though the game has been out for years already, it is still a very popular and powerful piece of software.

In Hay Day plot you need to know a few things about farming. Harvesting wheat will be a main responsibility of the player. Don’t be afraid of the difficulty: the game is good in first teaching you a thing or two how it all works. The player needs XP to level up and coins to buy stuff. Coins can be received by selling goods.

We are fans of Hay Day and want to share our wisdom to others. If you have come to this website you are probably seeking for ways to get coins and XP faster than the game itself offers. Game hacks are a sensitive talk about any game and we hope you find good information on our webpage.